Finn: There was ´way more´ going out during England´s 2010-11 Ashes tour

13 Aralık 2017 21:31

Much has been made of the off-field controversies that have blighted England's Ashes tour, but Steven Finn insists there was far more drinking and going out during the triumphant 2010-11 series.

A tour preceded by the arrest of all-rounder Ben Stokes has been marred by distracting incidents for England involving Jonny Bairstow and Ben Duckett, leaving head coach Trevor Bayliss frustrated.

Yet ahead of the third Test in Perth, where an Australia victory would be enough to secure the urn for the hosts, Finn has defended his team-mates.

The fast bowler, who was ruled out of the Ashes through injury, was quoted by ESPNCricinfo at a Chance to Shine and NatWest event as saying: "I toured away in Australia in 2010-11 when I was a young man and there was a lot of alcohol drunk on that tour.

"There was lots of going out, way, way more than what happens under this current regime.

"For the last two years there's certainly no underlying culture issue, in my opinion. But as we've moved through time, it becomes a more sensitive line as to what is acceptable behaviour and what's not.

"If anything, it's the awareness of where that line is that is more important now than what it has been before. Certainly, from having been involved in both eras, I'd say in 10-11 one of my fondest memories of the trip is going out a lot and enjoying yourself, embracing the culture. But obviously, what's happened has changed that."

Finn added: "Maybe in a couple of situations we've not been quite as aware as we could've done, but in the past these things wouldn't have caused any offence or outrage. It's only in light of what's happened that they do. The guys will be a lot more aware now.

"They're not an irresponsible bunch of guys and the way that they're being painted sometimes is really unfair on them, because they're not bad people or troublemakers.

"Through performances on the pitch, rebuilding that trust is really important. If they can turn this series around, they will paint themselves in a really good light, because I know they're good people and I know there's no malice in anything they're doing."

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